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Clustered Second Edition:

Clustered is getting a second printing! The 2nd edition will have 4 all new colors on the cards. This will make for a fully standalone game, or it can be combined with Clustered 1st edition to be played with 5-8 players.

The 2nd edition will have instructions in several different languages in addition to English. At the end of the campaign backers will get a choice of a few versions based on what languages they prefer, see Languages below for more details. We will take backers' feedback to decide if we add additional languages to what we are already offering as well.

Clustered 2nd edition has had a box and card back redesign. Thanks to our graphic designer, the game is looking better than ever! Below is an overview of boxes and card colors for both editions of Clustered:

Clustered is an easy-to-learn strategy card game that is fun for the whole family! Each player has 27 unique cards and 2 wild cards of their distinct color. Play from a 5 card hand that you draw from your colored deck.

The symbols on Clustered cards vary by shape, fill type, and number of symbols. During the game, players take turns playing one card from their hand to the table according to the card symbols. Challenge your pattern recognition skills by playing cards that share 2 of the 3 attributes in common with neighboring cards on the board. 

Carefully choose where to play in order to either score points for yourself or block your opponents from doing so. Each card you cluster together in a row or a square will get you a point. Simply score more points than the other players to win. It’s anyone’s game until the last card is played!

Once backed, click here to get your unique referral URL!
Once backed, click here to get your unique referral URL!

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the instructions. (please note this is draft and will be revised before printing)

The symbols depicted on an individual card determine where the card can be placed. The symbols have three different attributes, which vary from card to card: shape (square, triangle, or circle), fill type (hollow, dashed lines, or solid), and number (one, two, or three symbols). A card must be played so that it is sharing at least one edge with another card (of any color) that is already on the table. To place a card on the table, all neighboring cards must share at least 2 of the 3 symbol attributes in common with the card being played. Players’ decks contain every combination of each of the three symbol attributes, totaling 27 cards.

Each deck also contains two wild cards (pictured below). Wild cards can be played next to any other card in the deck.


Scoring takes place at the end of the game when all players’ cards have been played or discarded.

Largest Rectangle:  

Players get points equal to the number of cards that make up their largest uninterrupted rectangle. The rectangle must have two or more cards on each side to qualify for points. 


Players get 1 point for each card in each line that is 3 cards or longer. Lines can be vertical or horizontal, but not diagonal. The lines must be uninterrupted to get points. 


The player with the highest score after all the cards have been played or discarded wins.

Click to play a digital version of Clustered now.
Click to play a digital version of Clustered now.

  • A great game for the whole family - Games that are fun and challenging for the whole family are rare. Simple rules make Clustered easy to learn while the opportunity for complex strategy keeps it interesting!
  • Stimulate your brain - Clustered will keep your brain sharp. The rules are simple, but you will need to think strategically to plan the game play in order to win. Clustered will keep you thinking until your last card is played!
  • Multi-lingual instructions and box - The Clustered 2nd edition will come in several different versions depending on your language preference (you can choose in a survey at the end of the campaign). We want the world to be able to enjoy Clustered and opening up the game through translated instructions and the box is just the beginning. See the language section below for more details on multi-lingual versions.
  • Give to charity - after the first edition of Clustered's Kickstarter we were able to donate 64 games to local children's charities. We wanted to bring it back for this campaign as well. So once again, for every 250 backers (excluding the free games given away), Sculpin Games will donate a case of 32 games to these charities (for more information see the Charity section below):

  • Versatile number of players - a game of Clustered can be played with 1-4 players. As the number of players increases so does the competition for space and to block and be blocked! Clustered also plays great as a single player game; try and beat your high score. With both the first and second editions of Clustered it can now be played with up to 8 players!  
  • Versatile playing environment - the game play changes based on the surface you are playing on. The surface will limit how far you can play in any one direction. Playing on a small surface will keep play tight and make it more competitive. You can block off parts of your playing surface to limit game play as well. 
  • Color blind friendly - the 4 new colors were carefully chosen to be high contrast colors for people with all forms of color blindness. 
  • No language restriction on game play - since the cards show simple shapes, there is no advantage or restriction on who can play based on the player's language. And now with the instructions coming in other languages it will be easy to learn for non-native English speakers as well!

NOTE: Below are reviews from Clustered 1st edition. They are relevant in that the game play is identical to the 2nd edition. The card and box colors will be different for the 2nd edition than shown in the reviews. 

 "It is abstract strategy so depending on who you are playing with determines how hard the game is." -Tantrum House

"If you are looking for a new interesting family friendly game that is quick and doesn't take a lot of room on your shelf, look for it in Clustered." -Never Bored Gaming

"This game is really fun...and if you like games that require a little bit of thinking and a lot a bit of strategy you will enjoy Clustered" -Unfiltered Gamer

"Takes 5 mins to learn like the box said and its super simple, but its a surprisingly deep strategic game." - The Kwarenteen

Click to view their blog post
Click to view their blog post

"This is a definite MUST HAVE if you have children and want to give them a game that will exercise their minds, or even if you are a child at heart who wants to test yours with friends." - ATGN 

Click to see their review blog.
Click to see their review blog.

"This game was a big hit with my 9-year-old son who enjoyed the strategy and style." -Everything Board Games

 "It is a fun abstract game, easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to play." -The Cardboard Stacker


Here at Sculpin Games, we think it is important to give back to the community and help get games into the hands of people that don't have access to them. During our Kickstarter campaign for Clustered 1st edition, we were able to give away 64 games to the charities listed below. For more information about the last campaign's donations and a list of donors click here. With this kind of success, we wanted to bring it back for Clustered's 2nd edition as well. Now there are several ways that we can get games in the hand of children: 

  • Option 1: help spread the word on social media so we can give games away for stretch goals. 
  • Option 2: help get more backers by telling your friends
  • Option 3: donate games directly by adding your pledge $10 for each game you would like to donate. This is listed in the add-on section below.

Here are the three children's charities chosen to donate games to:

Click to visit their site.
Click to visit their site.

Click to visit their site.
Click to visit their site.

Click to visit their site.
Click to visit their site.

*if there is an excess of games to be donated, additional children's charities will be chosen to donate to.

Click for Sculpin Games Facebook page.
Click for Sculpin Games Facebook page.

Click for Sculpin Games Twitter page
Click for Sculpin Games Twitter page

 Link to a dropbox file with press kit and images to post on social media proclaiming your a backer here. 

Here is a list of the countries that are covered in the "rest of the world" shipping:

Australia, Austria,Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

For any countries not included in the above list please inquire with us and we will get a shipping rate to you as soon as possible. 

We are offering free pickup in Portland,Oregon (The United States) as well as in Warsaw, Poland and Oslo, Norway. Contact us with questions regarding this.

Shipping Fulfillment:

We will be using a combination of two top notch fulfillment agencies to fulfill your orders. We have used both of them before and are confident in their ability to deliver on time. We have used them to fulfill in the US and across the world without any issues. For international shipments our fulfillment agency will handle all the complications of customs and delivery across borders. So international backers can order with confidence. We guarantee Clustered will get to you safe, sound, and in a timely manner. 

*We are always looking for cheaper shipping options. If we are able to lower the shipping and fulfillment costs we will passed that savings back on to you the backers!

At the end of the campaign a survey will be sent out where backers will get to choose which version of the game they want depending on their language preference. The plan is to have at least two versions Version 1: English, Spanish, French, and German; Version 2: Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. Depending on backer feedback there may be an English only version as well as a Polish only version. During the campaign people can vote for which languages they would like to see added to the game through their comments. If we get enough votes for a certain language it could get added to the printed game. Tell your friends to back so you can get more votes for your language. Polish and Norwegian translations will be provided by our European distributor Simplicatus Games; see the About Us section below for more details. 

In addition to adding additional rules to the printed version there is an opportunity to translate the rules and get free games. If someone is willing to translate the rules into a new language we will give you two free copies of the game. We will then put a PDF versions of these translated rules out for people to print and use. Message me if you are interested in translating the rules. Comment if you have a preference on adding a new language not listed above or if you are interested in getting one of the above languages.  

Sculpin Games is a Portland, Oregon based board game design company. Clustered 1st and 2nd edition are our second and third games to hit Kickstarter. We successfully funded The Horrible Truth, an adult themed party game, in June of 2016, as well as Clustered 1st edition in May of 2017. Since then, Sculpin Games has been working on several games, as well as developing the business and getting games into retailers. 

Through this business development, we partnered with Simplicatus Games to act as a distributor in Europe. In doing this we are able to offer Clustered 2nd edition in Polish and other languages besides English. Simplicatus Games will be translating into the additional languages for our Kickstarter backers and for their later distribution after the campaign. We hope to develop this relationship with Simplicatus Games and continue to work together to get Clustered and other new games in as many hands around the world as possible. 

For this edition of Clustered and future games Sculpin Games has enlisted the help of a graphic designer names Kitt Byrne. We owe a lot of Clustered second edtions new and improved aesthetic to Kitt's great graphic design skills. If you are interested in her work check it out here.

Additionally, in late 2018 Sculpin Games has plans to release The Ultimate Heist,  a hidden role game, to Kickstarter. Follow (and like) Sculpin Games on Kickstarter and social media to stay up to date on new games and other happenings. Or check out our early look at the game on our website here.  

Here at Sculpin Games, we think that it is important to give back to the community. We believe that children are the foundation of a strong future. With this in mind, we added the tier and the stretch goal to get games donated to children’s groups in the Portland area. For every 250 backers (at any tier level) Sculpin Games will donate a case of 32 games to several local children’s charities (list here). By backing Clustered, you are not only getting a great game but also helping children in need.  

I hope that you can share in our vision for making great, but more importantly, fun games. We appreciate anything you can do to support Sculpin Games and Clustered through backing our Kickstarter, helping spread the word through social media and telling your friends and family!

Available Rewards:

$15USD + Shipping

Clustered: 2nd Edition

This will be the first printing of Clustered: 2nd Edition.


  • Clustered: 2nd Edition
  • Clustered: 2nd Edition - Digital Copy
  • Any stretch goals that are reached
$28USD + Shipping

Clustered: 1st and 2nd Editions

This is a printed copy of the 1st and 2nd editions of Clustered.


  • Clustered: 1st Edition
  • Clustered: 1st Edition Digital Copy
  • Clustered: 2nd Edition
  • Clustered: 2nd Edition Digital Copy
  • Any stretch goals that are reached


Get 8 copies of Clustered: 1st or 2nd Edition. You will be able to select your distribution of games and purchase additional copies on the add-on page at special retailer pricing.

Shipping will be calculated on a case-by-case basis based on quantity and location. No shipping fees for retailers in the Portland, Oregon or Warsaw, Poland areas; delivery or pickup can be arranged.

Before you complete your order, please contact for a customized shipping quote.


  • 8 x Clustered: 1st or 2nd Edition
  • Any stretch goals that are reached for each copy

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